Wednesday, April 13, 2011



We have been busy! I would love for you to take a walk with me, today was warm and I helped Mom take Donny to the dentist. Donny, my youngest pack member is VERY afraid of the dentist. Now he has a wonderful dentist and with Mom and I there he did GREAT!  Proud of you Donny! 

Sunday, I was so excited! West Coast Assistance Teams arranged an interview for Mom and I with BCIT Broadcast Journalism students, Sarah Massah and Jessica Rivers.  The interview was for the BCIT radio station, Evolution 107.9 and will be airing this summer. Sarah and Jessica wanted to know all about how I help Mom with her disability and how her life is enriched because of wonderful me! Mom and I were very impressed with Sarah and Jessica's professional manner, organized questions and calming presence.  I think they will both become successful journalists in the future, all the best Sarah and Jessica! Thank you for your sincere interest in psychiatric assistance dogs and West Coast Assistance Teams, you are welcome at our home anytime!

My KITTY member of my pack, (yes, I adore him too!), became very ill recently and Mom thought we were going to have to say goodbye.  It just wouldn't be the same without Leeta meowing me off the bed every night!  Somehow, (I said a little prayer), he pulled through for one of his endless lives and I can chase him again through the house! Love you Leeta!

'Fortes Deus beatos efficiat'

'May God Bless the Brave Ones'

Welcome my friends and loved ones to a land my paws gently and cautiously walked upon.  Vancouver, East Side.  Seven pm on a Monday night. 

My beloved pack seemed to be aware of a movie they were watching outside of the window, all were in good spirits and yet a gnawing aura of detachment was present.  I had a feeling my Mom wanted to lock the car door, and yet she was content.  My pack chatted but became increasingly confident in the warm atmosphere INSIDE our magical moving space.  I looked up to Mom, she was intrigued looking outside, yet out of her comfort space, all my pack was.  My youngest pack member, Donny was afraid. I gave Donny a look of gratitude for his fear, and let the other pack members continue with their understandable human layers of this and that.  

Mom gave me dinner from the magical thing that moves when it stopped, and I was thirsty! I was not hungry then, I am now! Mel leaned over for a loving pat, 'Hey Mel, thanks! I love you too!' My most beloved humans, I feel you are so passionate and present at the reality outside the window.  The movie rolls on for them, strange.  I treasure their layers of this and that!

I smell scents of damp cement, human sadness, old sweat and old clothes.  I smell the ocean.
I smell very old bricks and ancient ghosts. I strain to smell grass and the sky has gotten smaller.  The door we try to enter is locked, and there is a fleeting sense of hidden panic from Mom, very strange indeed! I resign myself to the fact that there is no scent of grass to leave my..ahem..mark upon and concentrate on being lovingly by Mom's side....

Downtown, East Side..Co op Radio.  West Coast Assistance Team's live, (yes, LIVE), radio interview! WOO HOO! All the human emotions layers of this and that gave way to a little nervousness and true woofing excitement! Mom soaked in the character of this historic brick building with love and remembering, she was loving the present! Ryan and Donny were off to explore, drive and take pictures. My Mom, Sharon and Matt, (he is one in a million!) prepared for our interview.  Thank you Ryan for touring Donny around Vancouver, his photography passion was in full bloom! Mom tells me you and Sharon are family, I knew that of course..big loving woof!

(Outstanding photo's courtesy of Donny Bazinet, Professional Photographer Entrepreneur!)

I breathed in the warm flowing wave of  smells; the loft and studios, the passion of the people, the headphones, wires, countless voices, humming radio hopes and opinions, I love this place.  Mom is giddy. Mom is CONFIDENT! well....until the Mic goes live..woof! 

Content under the table of microphones and 'on air' lights, my heart glowing for Mom, I let out a sigh, (those that know me, heard it on the live broadcast!) 

Outside the lonely cry, the desperate seek relief from devastating pain, drug deals are inches away and the homeless huddle as they have for lifetimes. The mentally ill wander the streets in clothes worn forever, their hair wild and untamed.  The derelict dark alleys blanket needles, despair and are dungeons for the dammed. 

We are not as far away as if we are watching a movie.  There is a very fine line between us. The personality and ancient, familiar hold of the east side stays with you, it makes a home in your soul, we have all been there. To have the opportunity to speak about mental illness this evening was something my Mom will never forget and is one of the most important evenings of her life, I know this.  She carries a piece of the east side with her now, not in sorrow or disgust but with respect and hope. 

We left Co op Radio and opened the door outside to Donny and Ryan running towards us with pens and paper in hand. 'Can we have your autograph!' they yelled! Woof! well..of course! Woof! WOOF!

 We left the East Side in search of 'donuts', (a human treat, makes my pack AWAKE and ALERT, how charming!) We left knowing in all of our hearts that, everyone, everywhere knows..

'Who I am makes a Difference'

These puppy paws are pooped! Sweet dreams my friends..zzzzzzzz woof..zzzzzzzz..woof........zzzzzzz...Love always..zzzzzzzz