Thursday, March 24, 2011

Out of the Dark and Into the Miracle of LIFE! Bundles of Innocence and Hope

New beginnings, new life. Sweetness and innocence that reminds us of pure love and heals hearts.  These are Cherfire puppies, where my angel Rosie originally came from.  I hope these pictures make you feel as warm and fuzzy as I did. Love you little angels, thank you Cheryl for the pics and for bringing joy to my heart.

Rosie would also like to post a link to a very important article concerning puppy raising for her beloved West Coast Assistance Teams. Please read and if you have the means play a loving part in helping someone in need    contact Sharon and Ryan.  

click on this wonderful article to learn more about puppy raising these little angels.
Much Love, Hugs and Woofs to you all my friends,
'Who you are Makes a Difference'
in every way, you matter to me, just the way you are.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Memorial for the100 Slaughtered Sled Dogs in Whistler BC

Footprints In The Snow

Rosie's Song of Love for Her Husky Sled Dogs at the Rainbow Bridge

I needed to post about the sled dogs that were killed in Whistler last April.
 Mom is heartbroken. Mom cries many tears about the innocent. I am a service dog dedicated with my very life to serve my Mom. The slaughtered sled dogs only wanted to serve, they were born to run. All they had in their hearts was to run for their mushers, to please them. That is all they wanted.
I have attached a photo of my very best friend, Kessa. She is a husky and when I play with her I feel her sorrow. We know the brutal suffering in this world, we feel it. My tail is down, as is my friends because we don't understand what these sled dogs did to deserve such a brutal, cold death.

At the rainbow bridge their tails are wagging, even for the person who has so cruelly put them to death. That is what we do, love unconditionally. 
For my friend Kessa and all animals who are tortured and made to suffer unspeakable pain please post 'howl' on April 23 on facebook or attend a vigil posted on my Mom's facebook page, Leanne Bazinet. She shares information about walks, petitions, positive steps that bring love to this world.
We were put on this world to show you love, please don't end our lives without realizing that we feel the pain. The hurt is unbearable.

With all my love especially to those who suffer, bleed and cry. Know that I am here to comfort and make changes for you, know that your cruel death is never forgotten. I cannot bring you back or look in awe as you run and serve your masters, and that makes my heart so very sad. I can post this blog and pray with my paws that you will make a difference.
Now more than ever before,
'You can make a difference'
I love you and will serve my mom till my spirit no longer allows. These dogs and so many souls full of love have had their spirit put to death in ways no living being should ever endure. I keep my tail down in honour of fellow service angels, no matter what their service may be. It is a very, very sad time in our world and hard for my Mom to have any faith in the human race.

This post is the cold hard truth, our world is insanely cruel to those that we serve. I, like my Mom wish we could no longer be a part of this world today, this world that can skin alive dogs and cats and fry them for waiting customers. This world that rips apart live dogs in front of buyers, and no one hears them cry, no one cares.

The images following are disturbing, they are real. These animals suffer by the hundreds every single day. It is hard to look at these pictures, it is unforgivable to not care.

Our world is a dark, evil place and as the wind blows tonight I don't want to be here anymore. Mom is not religious, being brought up Roman Catholic. She knows of the abuse of this 'religion'. With the recent earthquakes in Japan and the recent bloodthirsty, cold, heartless murders of our innocents in our world, the animals...she is not only ashamed to be Canadian but knows the suffering must end. She is angered at the happiness she felt at the Olympics as we now know, and let us not deny, it was all for money and blood was shed. Not the blood of our human race but the blood of our innocent animals.When OUR world has come to this, I don't care if it ends.
Our human race has choices, we have failed.

 Not all my posts will be joyful or bright, news of depression leaving my soul. This post is of a very dark time in my life, the suffering and pain of my beloved animals has ripped my heart apart. My depression is with me full force, I am consumed with a horror the blackens every day.
When I look into the face of my service dog and best friend Rosie, I feel this world is not worthy of her dedication and love. I will love her will all my heart, endlessly.

The paw prints in the snow are bloodied, we should be ashamed. The slaughter of the innocent continue, by the thousands, every single day.
Rosie wags her tail and looks at me with pure trust and love, the wind blows and I shed tears of pure sorrow at what our world has become.

Paw Prints In The Snow
One night I dreamed I was running along the path of snow
with my guardian angel from the rainbow bridge
Many scenes from my life flashed across the grey cold sky
In each scene I noticed paw prints in the snow
Sometimes I noticed two sets of paw prints in the snow, sometimes only one
I howled because when I felt pain or loneliness, I could only see
one set of paw prints
At my darkest hour I asked my guardian angel
why have you deserted me when I needed you most?
My innocent soul, he replied through the falling snow
It was in your darkest hour I carried you with love
to the Rainbow Bridge