Thursday, March 24, 2011

Out of the Dark and Into the Miracle of LIFE! Bundles of Innocence and Hope

New beginnings, new life. Sweetness and innocence that reminds us of pure love and heals hearts.  These are Cherfire puppies, where my angel Rosie originally came from.  I hope these pictures make you feel as warm and fuzzy as I did. Love you little angels, thank you Cheryl for the pics and for bringing joy to my heart.

Rosie would also like to post a link to a very important article concerning puppy raising for her beloved West Coast Assistance Teams. Please read and if you have the means play a loving part in helping someone in need    contact Sharon and Ryan.  

click on this wonderful article to learn more about puppy raising these little angels.
Much Love, Hugs and Woofs to you all my friends,
'Who you are Makes a Difference'
in every way, you matter to me, just the way you are.