Thursday, August 27, 2009


These are pictures of our adventure today I think you can click on them to make them bigger, great day! My Mom and I had to travel on a bus to a very important appointment with Donny's support teachers.

Donny took a picture of us because this is so challenging for my Mom..but with me..SHE CAN DO IT! With my assistance and furry comfort of course!
I made sure Mom got up in time and took her daily meds. I will alert her if she doesn't. This is a very important task I do for her!

I know that her greatest dream is for her son Donny to welcome learning and his education. With my support we arrived at Traditional Learning Academy to organize Donny's grade 5 curriculum. Donny did his testing and I could not believe how confident we were on our trip to get some coffee!! Leanne even stopped a policeman to say hi and take a picture! Very brave for my partner! She was so happy all day and I adored her confidence with me by her side. My favourite picture is me beside the world globe..BECAUSE that is how i feel about our and mom..we can conquer the world!!

We had a FABULOUS day that Mom and me will cherish always. I am so proud of Leanne and Donny and ME! To assist my partner today brought smiles to everyone we encountered. Today was a very bright day for Leanne.

I will assist her through bright and dark days. I am at her service, and I love her so much! She knows,

"Who I am makes a difference"

Monday, August 24, 2009

How I came to help Leanne

Woof! It is Rosie here and just wanted to give you a little history on how i came to live with, love and assist my mom and partner, Leanne. I am going to nap now..BIG day shopping..will let Leanne fill you in.

Hi! This is Leanne..I love and live every day with my Rosie! I had researched many sites for a service dog for psychiatric disabilities. What I found was that there are MANY sites in the United States and one or two in Ontario. How happy I was to find West Coast Assistance Teams, a lower mainland Society that helped me find Rosie! Their education, training and loving care will be treasures to me always.

Psychiatric illness is an invisible disability to the public. When I am outside with Rosie many questions are asked. I love to inform and with Rosie I can, before I would hide. Rosie is the best medicine for my disability. I myself, as I am sure many people, diagnosed with a mental illness have to endure a regiment of presrcription meds..some good..some horrible. Rosie is the best treatment..dependable, stable and loving. What better pill is there than the loving look in her eyes when she wants to go outside! Rosie will alert and kiss me till I get up for the pill could do that! Rosie will make sure I take my meds, I never forget now.
Follow our blog for all our adventures! Rosie allows me to experience the future and brings light into a dark you Rosie.
"Who I am makes a difference"

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Rosie welcomes you to her first attempt at blogging!
Please pardon any mistakes as my paws are still getting familiar to the keyboard!

I am a certified Psychiatric Service Dog. Here I am pictured with my wonderful mom and partner, Leanne.

I have been with her for a little over a year and have helped her be able to leave the house, ride the buses & skytrain, shop, and most important be out with her son enjoying activities she was not previously able to.

I am so happy to be a Service Dog where I can help someone regain their freedom and independence. It's also pretty cool to be with my partner all the time and enjoying all the adventures!

"Who I am Makes a Difference"