Monday, August 24, 2009

How I came to help Leanne

Woof! It is Rosie here and just wanted to give you a little history on how i came to live with, love and assist my mom and partner, Leanne. I am going to nap now..BIG day shopping..will let Leanne fill you in.

Hi! This is Leanne..I love and live every day with my Rosie! I had researched many sites for a service dog for psychiatric disabilities. What I found was that there are MANY sites in the United States and one or two in Ontario. How happy I was to find West Coast Assistance Teams, a lower mainland Society that helped me find Rosie! Their education, training and loving care will be treasures to me always.

Psychiatric illness is an invisible disability to the public. When I am outside with Rosie many questions are asked. I love to inform and with Rosie I can, before I would hide. Rosie is the best medicine for my disability. I myself, as I am sure many people, diagnosed with a mental illness have to endure a regiment of presrcription meds..some good..some horrible. Rosie is the best treatment..dependable, stable and loving. What better pill is there than the loving look in her eyes when she wants to go outside! Rosie will alert and kiss me till I get up for the pill could do that! Rosie will make sure I take my meds, I never forget now.
Follow our blog for all our adventures! Rosie allows me to experience the future and brings light into a dark you Rosie.
"Who I am makes a difference"


  1. Awesome picture Leanne. You look so wonderfully happy. I know that Rosie is!


  2. Funny how after a while..a person and their pet begin to resemble each patch in front..same..hmmm..woof and how do ya do..!! two looking great..hugs and love..Kath
    (just hoping to bring a smile!!)

  3. Great going Leanne, you have definitely had a smile on your face since Rosie came along. But you always had a nice smile for me!! Very happy that you and Donny have this gift to bring you more happiness. Love You All!!

  4. What a great story Leanne! Rosie is perfect for you! I am glad that you have Rosie in your life to make things better, and easier for you and Donny! Love to you always! I am glad you have conquered the darkness with the light. I am happy that you can get out to do things. I wish I could, but the buses don't run very well around my area. Too far to walk to Guildford Mall and Surrey Place Mall. I miss my apartments in Strawberry Hills, at least there was a bus exchange right there. That way I could go and visit my parents as well, now it is 3-4 buses to get to her instead of 1, and takes up to 1hr to 1hr and 33 mins. It is rediculous. It used to take 20 mins bus ride and 10 min walk from the exchange.

  5. Hi Leanne - my name is Shona and I can totally relate to your story. Rosie and you look wonderful together and the freedom she enables you to have is priceless. Well done. You brought a smile to my face also. Thanks

  6. You are so welcome Shona! Thank you for your comment, it means the world to me that this blog can help other people. It was a VERY long journey for me before I had Rosie through many dark days. Take Care always and remember,

    'Who I Am Makes A Difference'