Thursday, August 27, 2009


These are pictures of our adventure today I think you can click on them to make them bigger, great day! My Mom and I had to travel on a bus to a very important appointment with Donny's support teachers.

Donny took a picture of us because this is so challenging for my Mom..but with me..SHE CAN DO IT! With my assistance and furry comfort of course!
I made sure Mom got up in time and took her daily meds. I will alert her if she doesn't. This is a very important task I do for her!

I know that her greatest dream is for her son Donny to welcome learning and his education. With my support we arrived at Traditional Learning Academy to organize Donny's grade 5 curriculum. Donny did his testing and I could not believe how confident we were on our trip to get some coffee!! Leanne even stopped a policeman to say hi and take a picture! Very brave for my partner! She was so happy all day and I adored her confidence with me by her side. My favourite picture is me beside the world globe..BECAUSE that is how i feel about our and mom..we can conquer the world!!

We had a FABULOUS day that Mom and me will cherish always. I am so proud of Leanne and Donny and ME! To assist my partner today brought smiles to everyone we encountered. Today was a very bright day for Leanne.

I will assist her through bright and dark days. I am at her service, and I love her so much! She knows,

"Who I am makes a difference"