Tuesday, February 5, 2013

February 5 2013 Idunn Enlightens My Body, Mind and Soul

Hello most loved friends and family. Idunn has been working especially hard these last two days, I do not believe she wants to see another staircase for a very long time! We always take the stairs at sky train stations and the stairs at Royal Columbian Hospital station are a definite work out! She is enjoying a well deserved sleep and I told her I would be more than happy to write the blog tonight and post her photo's :)
I too am off to sweet slumber as the last two days have been especially draining, I know I could not have made it through without Idunn, love ya precious puppy~

Registration, I worked here for seven years. How different when you are on the other side. Hello darln Idunn, you are my strength.

Apprehensive and nervous? Hell ya! I have been known to need sedatives to enable anyone to get and IV in my arm.  This time I had Idunn though, down that long hallway to the IV room.  Seriously, the torture chamber in  my mind, I have non existent veins, so to speak and am poked and prodded beyond belief. Bruised, insulted, treated like a child, embarrassed, beaten....omg. IV's trigger a response in me, flight or fight.

Thank you Idunn.  No screaming, poking or prodding, no torture. Third try, second arm, (good thing I have two), and it was in. Huge, heartfelt thanks to the nurse in Nuclear Medicine, my hero! Of course my FIRST hero being Idunn, always, forever. Fill out another form? With pleasure~

At this point you are prepared for the Persantine Exercise Tolerance Test, (Myocardial Perfusion Imaging). Prepared meaning bare-chested, the first of many times I would display my naked top half for strangers to attach electrodes and hook me up to the monitoring equipment.  When I finally figured out what the nurse was saying, 'lift your breast' ...she could place the last electrode and carry on! Good lord! Ha,ha,ha !
Idunn was not allowed to accompany me into the room with three other patients while we were monitored while receiving the persantine and isotope, this was a very intense half hour. You are closely attended to by a doctor, nuclear medicine tech and cardiology tech, VERY closely attended! The minutes are called out and you are checked every one of them. I was never so happy to see Idunn than when this part was complete, big comforting hugs!!!! Now the instructions are to eat and have something fizzy. Tea never tasted SO GOOD!!! Yummy caffeine!! This causes your gallbladder to flatten so Nuclear Medicine can get a clearer picture of your heart.

Day one you are in the hospital an exhausting 5 to 6 hours, we were so happy to get home! One more day to go. Royal Columbian Hospital loomed somewhat over powering but Idunn gave me the courage to get it done , she is furry confidence with 4 legs and everyone at the hospital adored her! Day 2 consists of a isotope injection, no IV's! Get the gallbladder flattened and return to Nuclear Medicine to scan images of my now glowing heart...awwww...lol :):):):) Only 4 hours today and home to rest! Idunn was a godsend for me, as was my wonderful son, Donny.  Idunn braced with her warm body against mine to comfort me, she looked lovingly into my eyes to calm my mind and enlightened my soul with her attentive loyalty.  I believe my Cardiologist with find my heart full of love and second to none, because of my very special service dog, I love you Idunn~~