Thursday, September 3, 2009


What a wonderful evening I enjoyed with West Coast Assistance Teams! I can remember not being able to leave my bed, how outstanding and exciting to attend the 'Just Singn Around' event for volunteer appreciation night! The event is held in Stanley Park at the Vancouver Rowing Club. This night was possible because of Rosie.

My son came with us and I could not have been prouder of him! We enjoyed a magical night that I could have only dreamed of before Rosie. The excitement showed on his face, (especially when the desert plate came), full of smiles! What a treasure for a Mom to be out with her son at such a beautiful place. Standing on the dock with him and Rosie was so enlightening. The fresh sea air and breeze, sparkling city lights and reflections on the water, incredible!

Rosie met some new friends and so did I! It was lovely to meet you Janice! Your friend Effy is such a happy person, I loved talking with her. I was warmed in my heart to see Michelle again! She can always make me giggle, LOVE your wit Michelle!  Thank you Mel for helping me with Donny and being such good company!  Sharon and Ryan, I love you like family.  Can you two get any more special?? Hugs!

I wondered how three service dogs were going to manage under our table.  They were angels! Rosie, Buddy and Dexter, you rock!! So did the entertainment! Wonderful music and laughter!

I am going to hug Rosie now and thank her for her loyalty and service. She enabled me to experience magic.

"Who I Am Makes a Difference"


  1. Thank-you Leanne for the wonderful compliments. It was our honour to share the evening with you,Donny and Rosie. We are so proud of you all.
    Love the blogs
    Sharon & Ryan

  2. I had a great time and it was really fun! I loved the desserts! The music was great. I saw Canadian Geese on the way there and I think the night was beautifull! I had fun with Rosie and my Mom. Rosie had a great time too. My Mom let me take videos with her camera and I got the whole song called 'the yellow dress'. I like that song!

  3. Hi Leanne,
    So glad that you, your son, and Rosie had a great time at the show. Hope you can all make it back again soon.

    From all of us at the Synergy Foundation,