Friday, September 25, 2009

Many Miles with Smiles and Rosie

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Hello everyone! This is Rosie. My Mom is very sick with the flu! Don't worry though, I am taking extra special care of her. I took her to the Doctor's and am making sure she takes her medicine. With all my kisses and lots of rest she will be healthy again soon!

We went on an important trip with Donny to his therapy appointment. Mom was 'aglow' as she was able to make this trip because of me! We traveled on the bus and sky trains, all the way to Gilmore Station in Burnaby! Donny was right on time for his occupational therapy assessment. All three of us were VERY proud of ourselves!

I went out for breakfast with Sharon and Ryan,,yummy eggs benny,(well, for mom!) Mom brought some of my favourite cheese treats so I was licking my chops too!

I'm going to go check on mom now, her throat is very soar but I don't need to hear her talk to know how much she loves and needs me. We will cuddle up,it's getting chilly at night now! Take Care Friends! Hugs and Woofs!

"Who I Am Makes A Difference"


  1. Hi you two! Sorry your under the weather. Get well soon! Love the pictures and so glad you enjoyed the day.
    All our best Sharon & Ryan
    woofs from Samantha & Dehli too!

  2. Get better soon!!!!! Enjoyed your slide show!! Good job!!

  3. Hi Leanne, I love reading your blog keep it up. I hope you feel better. I had a good time visiting you guys today. Thanks Christina.

  4. Beautiful Lun! I enjoy your blogs, and your wonderful creative slideshows. It will be hard to depart from Rosie I am sure. She is like a part of your family! I hope you are feeling better now Lun. Glad you had fun at Antonio's party as well. Loves you always my friend and Donny!~ Miss you two.