Saturday, September 19, 2009


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  1. SUCH A GREAT SUNNY DAY! Once we got out of the traffic and let Rosie walk around Maple Ridge Park. She DID NOT LIKE THE WATER!! But convinced her to get her feet wet! SO MANY DOGS OFF LEASH!! makes me mad! My friend who I went to see could not let her dog out of the van, soooooooooo sad, but dogs running around ALL OVER NO LEASh!!! WHAT DO YA DO?? take care everyone,,loved the park and Rosie DID put her paws in the creek! hugs!
    "Who I Am Makes A Difference"

  2. Finally was able to see this post, very cute, I have to watch it on my hubbies computer mine is too slow. Just curious, why is it such a bad thing for people to have their dogs off the leash?

  3. Aww that is wonderful Leanne! Thank you for sharing your pictures. I can imagine that you were mad the dogs were off leash because Rosie is a service dog, did the dogs try and approach Rosie? I am glad your friend took you there. Looks like a peaceful place to be. Love and hugs Leanne.

  4. Hi everyone! Dogs off leash can be dangerous. For other dogs and for the dog that is off leash. At this beautiful park signs are posted that require owners to leash their dogs, but no one seems to obey the law. Maybe i dont want to meet someone else's dog. There are many 'off leash' parks that these people could take their dogs to. These parks are fenced to protect dogs from cars and the owners take the risks if their dogs cause harm to any other. A dog is really ruled by instinct and any little squirrel or animal could cause the pooch to run and get hit by a car. If a dog was so trained as to ALWAYS come when called, I would not have a problem, but dogs are dogs! That is why 'off leash' parks were created, for the safety of the dog.
    Rosie has been attacked twice by a dog off leash. Now she barks at this dog and it should not be Rosie that gets in trouble for barking. I have seen such sweet elderly ladies at my park with their little elderly poodles terrified at the site of an oncoming big dog off leash!
    PLEASE people! For the sake and safety of EVERYONE in the parks, KEEP YOUR DOG ONLEASH! There are children playing, concerned mothers and other dogs ON LEASH that want to enjoy the park. There is a 75 dollar fine for anyone at a posted 'on leash' park that lets their dogs run free. It should be MY choice if I want to meet your dog or not. Rosie is a service dog and ALWAYS on leash, but any dog should have the security and safety of leash. If you insist on letting your dog run free, do it a favour, go to an 'off leash' park, your dog will have a great time and you wont bother people who want to relax and enjoy their day.
    THIS IS SUCH AN IMPORTANT ISSUE!I need to feel safe taking Rosie out. The dogs who have been aggresive towards her or attacked her scared us to death! The owners of these dogs always say, 'oh, that has never happened before!', my dog is so sweet. It DOES happen! Some of these owners even want me to take Rosie 'off leash' and let the dogs sort it out. Ya right! After she has been attacked? I dont think so.
    Keep our parks safe and allow our leashed dogs and their owners to enjoy security, peace of mind and their right to privacy. Its for the dogs! And we love them. Thank you for listening, enjoy your pooch, keep him safe!