Sunday, September 6, 2009


I wanted to write a post that was enlightening and happy!
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This is how I feel with Rosie by my side, with my son and I.  Thank you from the deepest part of me for sharing the darkness and fears, it means so much that I am accepted.  That spiral would usually last for 3 weeks, and to my amazement, it is already gone.

 My son and I got together to tell you how HAPPY Rosie makes us feel. Donny is extremely sensitive. It was sad for him to have his Mom lost in her unresponsive dream.,sleeping in bed most of the time.  Donny now spends many hours at the park, shopping and walking with his Mom and Rosie. I am alive with him, as it should be.  He loves Rosie so much, as do I! 

We will begin homeschooling Sept.9!  Very exciting and positive! I have never seen Donny so happy or excited about school! I can do this because Rosie is my path to the outside world.  Donny had a very rough time in public school because he was born extremely premature at 25 weeks.  This resulted in illness and countless hospital stays because of his damaged lungs.  I wish I had Rosie then!

I had to always depend on someone to take me somewhere! I could not go alone.  Friends are wonderful, but they can not be there at all times. An emergency trip to the hospital one night resulted in us having to take the bus home at 1:30 am. I live in Surrey and it was dark!  Donny was wide-eyed and shaky  on ventolin and prednisone! I will never forget his state that night. Of course, he was still in need of his nebulizer and tender loving care from mom at home. There is no one I can call at this time of night!

 You know what?  We made it home safe and sound because Rosie was with us.  Rosie allowed me to take care of my son and get him home. There is nothing a mother needs more than to be independent enough to take care of their child.  There is a wonderful picture of Rosie in the ambulance after my son had an extremely bad asthma attack.  Please read the West Coast Assistance Teams website blog to see how wonderful Rosie was at the hospital!

Today is a great day!  It is very windy! I LOVE the wind, maybe there will be a storm! Rosie and I will enjoy it. There are MANY more great days to come! These pictures are a tribute to our love and appreciation towards our beloved service dog, Rosie.  How my life has changed since I got her!

Thank you Rosie!  All my love to West Coast Assistance Teams for believing in me. Quality of life is the difference between being a victim of your disease, or living life to the fullest with it.

'Who I Am Makes A Difference!' 


  1. I am so glad that Donny is doing much better in life Leanne! I am glad he is very excited to start his homeschooling as well. I think that is very important to him and that he will gain self confidence when he is happier and can learn at his pace. Preemies are extra special, especially if they life, as they struggle for life or death. My son was born a month early, and so was I. I am blessed to have a healthy child, I would love him no less if he had illnesses. Donny is very special, as he is an angel for you and Rosie. I think that is just awesome Leanne! Your life had changed tremendously. I am glad you are coming through with things in life and I am glad that you are doing much better. Loves and Hugs to all of yous!

  2. Thank you SO much Laura and thank you for following my blog. You are a special friend and i wish the best to Donny and Justin in their new school year. Mine is so special as a mom who is homeschooling with the help of my service dog.LOve ya Laura,,hugs to Justin!