Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Just a quick post!

I am taking out Rosie for the night time 'nature calls' before bed. I came to a realization regarding my recent breakdown, thanks Rosie!

My friend and mentor from West Coast Assistance Teams, Sharon,  had asked me a question. "Did you take your medicines late?" I did. Today I did too. My personal medication can cause nasty side effects and very ill  feelings  in a matter of hours if not taken on time.

I have recently bought some glucosamine for Rosie and put the container in her food dish, so I would not forget to give her her pill. This is her food dish that she brings my morning medicines to me in, so I do not forget my meds!  That is her task. That little change in schedule caused me to forget my meds!

I now have ALL my prescriptions and Rosie's supplements in her food dish  This is a very important change for me. I experienced this zappy feeling and knew that meant I forgot my meds, strange when you are out for a walk and everything in your body begins to BUZZ.  Such a little change in schedule can mean so much for my quality of day and mental health.

Rosie still alerts till I get up, or licks my face for special attention! Thank you Rosie for keeping me stable, and thank you Sharon for bringing to my attention the special details that a service dog is dedicated too.

Everyone matters, SO MUCH! Every person has some unique personality and skill to help our world.  Our world needs all our people to connect and help each other. The people with the most challenges are the ones who care the most.  I do.



  1. Thank-you for your wonderful compliments and thank-you ever so much for trying to maintain your positive outlook on a disability that is so devastating. Your photographic skills are magnificent and we so enjoy your photos and artwork, you too Donny!
    Keep enjoying life to the fullest!
    Always Sharon & Ryan

  2. Its because of you and your dedication and love, what keeps me going. Never went out before this! I will keep loving life, because I have Rosie.
    School tomorrow! Cant wait! A future I never had without you and Rosie.
    Leanne and Rosie

  3. Hey Lun. I have read lots. You have talent. Very impressed. Especially your happy one. I am glad you've got Rosie. I so remember those day...s, of feeling lost and scared and alone.
    I don't get that anymore, but I hope I never forget. I know alot of the answers are within, and you seem to be finding that with Rosie around. Keep your head up high girl. You deserve the best! From Cindy.