Saturday, October 10, 2009


Yes and Woof!
I went to Douglas College with my Mom, best pal Donny and my West Coast Assistance Teams family! What interesting things I saw that day!
Dr. Pauline Chow and her students in the Animal Health Technician class welcomed us to their school with friendly pets and smiles. A beautiful day at the Port Coquitlam campus!
My friends Buddy and Delhi were there too. We welcomed a new member to West Coast, her name is Lu Lu, (sorry lu lu if i didn't get the spelling right, we just met!). She is the cute little black pooch in Mom's pictures. Click on her for a better look! I wish her all the best!

We greeted SO MANY students and Mom told them all about me. Donny helped hand out pamphlets,,(my paws are kind of clumsy for that!). Sharon made these wonderful information pamphlets all about psychiatric assistance dogs and how they can benefit people with certain mental disorders. I am so happy helping my Mom and she tells me every day how happy I make her, she is VERY proud of me! Woof!

The A.H.T. class had so many wonderful and interesting things at their display! Skeletons of felines and even a horse!!! (that was in the classroom!) I had my teeth checked and Delhi had her nails clipped. Thanks students, much obliged! You were so gentle and professional! Mom and Sharon were very pleased!

Dr. Chow offered us a tour of her classrooms, wow! I thought for sure I was at the Doctor's!! Mom assured me we were just looking! We saw x-ray equipment, microscopes, sterilizing equipment, kennels, even the surgery suite! Very spacious and clean, amazing. These students have a great learning environment!

I'm so glad I could get Mom up to go today. She was not feeling her best because her meds have been increased. I know she was 'off' today and I was right by her side to give her the courage to keep going. She gave me hugs all night and told me how much she loved me because she felt better after going. She's brave! I will never leave her side. Donny had such a great time and learned so much! I saw him talking to the photographer from the Tri-City Newspaper. He loved talking about her camera and taking pictures! Donny spent a long time talking to the students and learning about animals. When Mom see's him like this she glows! She thanked me for that too! Awww gee, Mom, anytime!!
Thank you West Coast family and Dr. Pauline Chow for a wonderful, educational and fun day! Your students are professional, extremely helpful and friendly. I hope to see them one day! Just for a check-up of course!

We are exhausted! Mom's headaches are bad so I am off to give her a nudge for a friendly hug that will make us both feel better! Goodnight everyone, thanks for listening. We made a difference today.
'Who I am Makes A Difference'


  1. thanks for the update! Sure hope your mommy is feeling better soon, her headaches disappear and her meds get straightened out... have a wonderful thanksgiving!! love ya J

  2. you too Joyce and family! Thank you so much for your posts! love and hugs! and woofs!

  3. sounds like a very special day for all!! wonderful dear Rosie ,you make all this possible!! take care of Mom ,, I know you do!! loves and hugs and pats from Grammie,Alecia,Odie and Remie!!