Sunday, October 3, 2010

It's October! Warm and Fuzzy... Oct.2, 2010

Hi everyone..biggest Woof! Rosie here with my winter coat keeping me all warm and fuzzy.  Not that I need it! It has been downright BALMY here on the West Coast! I must BRAG!! Mom is walking again! Not just to the park but to Safeway and beyond. She's coming back to life. I am so proud of her, the pain is less every day and I can feel the 'bounce' coming back in her step!
Oh, how much I love my Mom!
I know her road to recovery is not over, she will be battling Graves disease all her life, but the worst is over and I can't wait to be back with my West Coast Assistance friends!
This blog is about support and love. I need to woof you about some very special furry friends, (and human ones of course!), that have made it possible for Mom to make it through this last summer. The love of my life besides my Mom is Donny. He makes Mom laugh, cry, get frustrated and her life! He is number one in my pack and I love to cuddle up with him on the couch!! Mom's reason for living, (beside's me of course!) is her son, Donny. He is a giggler! I love that he is mine!
There is one other furry little one who completes my family pack, Leeta. YES, HE'S A KITTY!..woof!
I love him all the same. When he jumps on Mom's bed, no matter how comfy I am, I pay him respect and get off the bed..jeez! I always sneak back on there later in the night! Leeta is not feeling so good lately, I know Mom is worried. I know everything about my small, loving, warm and fuzzy pack. We are very, very close.

My Mom has a twin sister! I see my Mom light up whenever she phones. This is another MOST special person that has helped Mom through this most painful summer. I get VERY excited..**WAGGING TAIL**, when Mom would pack up and say, 'Rosie, would you like to go see Kessa?'
Kessa is my very best friend! At first she scared me, (she is part wolf you know!), but soon, after my most polite manners, she became my best buddy! Tracy and Kessa were there all summer for Mom. Every day!

Kessa and I are waiting for a treat!! We spent many days at my Auntie's Tracy's this summer and she cared about Mom every second of every day. We went to the hospital with Auntie Tracy, went shopping with her, she filled every day of Mom's most ill times. What a loving pack I have!

My Auntie Tracy, Auntie Donna and my Donny, the most loving people to my Mom and Me. Mom thinks she did not do much this summer because of her illness but I know she did! She loved her family and family, (my beloved pack), loved her right back!!
There are SO many more fuzzy warm souls that made this summer one to always remember. When I was broken and at the hospital, without my Mom, there was a very special little soul who made my Mom laugh. I want to say thank you to Ellie. She is one of West Coast Assistance Teams pups in training. Ellie loved my Mom like only a puppy can and I would like to say, 'Big, wagging tail, Ellie and big kisses!'.
Bad things happened this summer, sickness, injury, and isolation due to pain. You know? This could of been the summer of total breakdown for us! I would NEVER let this happen! Neither would Sharon and Ryan, who are there for us in a second! When I was attacked and had to be in the hospital and away from my Mom, they were there. They were there all night long! Their are no words for them but angels. They brought Mom and I together, they save lives. I hope they know how much we love and respect them. I hate to think of Mom that night without me, and she doesn't like to remember being at the hospital when they took me away.
Without Sharon, Ryan and Mel, she would have surely fallen down that black hole.West Coast Assistance Teams, I love you so much!!

Mom couldn't walk much this summer. She found comfort on line with Sharon and Ryan, always there if she needed anything. Mel is always there too, and she LOVES to brush me! Thanks Mel! When Mom could not walk, we cuddled up and read those great books you brought, very quiet special times.
There is a member of West Coast Teams that I must make special mention of! This is Sue and her service dog Sage. I can't wait to meet Sage!!! Mom and Sue type away for hours to each other and have since they first met online! I hear her giggle and laugh, and there she goes again! I know these two have a very special, loving relationship and want to thank them for being there for Mom.

West Coast Teams are special indeed!  They are 'gifts' of life. They heal, comfort and make you smile. I am a very proud member of this family. Mom has never in her life had this kind of infinite support and love. Without all of your love, (and me!), she would have shriveled and died this summer. It was rough. What enabled my treasured little pack to love and laugh through this last summer? You all did, thank you from the bottom of my puppy heart! 

Love you all so much my friends! Looking forward to a fabulous fall and life with Mom!
This post is for all of you, and your endless support.
'Who I am Makes a Difference!'


  1. Aww Rosie... you write so well.. your mom really has you trained .. I wish I could get sage to put words together like you do.. ehehehehe
    I love your mom so much.. she is amazing to me.. and she makes me giggle lots also.. I am so happy you are there for her.. and you know what.. when you got hurt I was so worried about you .. and your mom also.. I know it was hard for your whole family.. and your West coast teams family also.. I hope you can meet Sage soon.. Sage and I would love to meet you and your mom in person also..I really do love your mom you know.. I love Sage so much he has changed my life in ways that are hard to explain and I know you do that for your mom too.. Sage says woooowooaar .. he loves to talk.. hehe Big hugs for Sage and Sue we love you all!! '3 '3 '3

  2. <3 <3 <3 sorry my hearts didnt work because my keyboard was set wrong and i didnt notice.. so again i love you all and ~~BIG HUGS~~ from Sage and sue <3 <3 <3



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