Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Angel Returns to Heaven

My Rosie passed away in my arms Thursday Sept. 15, 2011. This will be Rosie's last post but never the end of her story or mine.  I only wish I could have had the gift of her grace, devotion and endless love for much longer but the years I spent with her by my side were the best years I have ever had.
She LOVED to steal my pillow and give me that look that said, ' I know ya love me mom, I love you too'.
Rosie and I battled this summer to keep her well, but lost the battle and Rosie needed to stop hurting. I will not cry for her because she is no longer in a body that  turned against her, she was so very brave. She never whined or complained, I knew she would walk a million miles if I asked her too. I miss her so much. I cannot clean the bathroom tonight, maybe tomorrow because I can smell her coat and shampoo from the many baths she needed this summer. I will try and let you go Rosie girl, I promise.

I look up into the sky and try to see her in the clouds, just a wisp of her tail or beautiful eyes, but I do not see her. Maybe tonight she will be in my dreams so I can touch her one more time, I hope so.

The very first day Sharon brought Rosie to my house, she bounced through the house! So happy! I truly believe she saved my life. My son fell in love, his first best friend, Rosie and Donny loved to hug.
Rosie was my healer, my inspiration, my way to connect with the outside world. Her gentleness and beauty taught me that the world would not hurt me. When I walked with Rosie the whole world stopped to smile, she healed so many and gave her gift to countless children, adults and her furry best friend, Kessa.
My heart physically hurts and I'm shedding tears for my loss, her pain is over and that brings me joy and peace. Such a gentle soul never deserved to hurt.

I have years of happy memories with Rosie that I will cherish forever and I will try to not cry so much my angel girl. I would love to hold you just one more time as you were before you got sick, I wouldn't have you suffer any longer.
My kitty is looking for Rosie and sometimes for a moment I forget she is not here, but not for long. When a leaf twirls down from my tree out back, I remember her in the leaves, her coat the color of  golden autumn.
I miss you too much right now my little girl and will write more soon of your unique and gentle gifts.

Rosie would have been nine in November, gone too soon, anytime would of been to soon for my family and me. I'll miss you at Christmas little girl, you so loved the snow! I will never forget your ENDLESS patience posing for me so many times with your Santa hat on, thank you Rosie.

Rosie took me to beautiful lakes and rivers, the beach, she took me to the sky. She took me to life and made me feel like a star. Rosie was the shining star, on television and radio but mostly she was the shining star in my heart that my illness had dulled to a very faint flicker.
Rosie illuminated that flicker to a bright, loving, white light that trusted the world again, she taught me love.

Cheryl from Cherfire Collies where Rosie was born sent me some pictures of her that I would love to share. Even as a little tiny girl she was a star, third from the left in the picture of her siblings. She was a Mom, and I am positive a very loving and devoted one.
Thank you all for sharing some of the millions of memories I have of my very special service dog, Rosie. She was a part of my every thought and second of my life. She still is and always will be.  I pray that she has a very peaceful, special place at the Rainbow Bridge and will cherish the day I can be with her again. 

Goodbye my little girl, thank you for my life and your love, Hugs and kisses forever from your Mom.
I promise to try and be strong without you and make you proud of me
I miss you Rosie, play and rest at your Rainbow Bridge

November 6, 2002 - September 15, 2011


  1. Oh my dear leanne.. first off that song.. Oh my gosh .. my hair stood up.... I would never have underestood that song the way i do now, having you play it and tell the story of how your Rosie Girl helped you .. and opened doors that you had closed..ABSOLUTELE BEAUTIFUL!!! Amazingly Beautiful <3 ... you wrote so beautifully Leanne..Rosie is such a loving caring pup.. Diva as I called her.. she seemed like Royalty to me.. I love you my friend... Rest In paradise Rosie Girl !! God Bless my friend <3

    Love forever sue & Lil thumper

  2. my dear leanne , I am crying for Rosie and you and Donny,, just remember that Rosie knew that you have the same Grace,devotion and endless love for others as she had for you!!and she is so proud of you!!your writing is so special and please continue to bless us with that,,love you my dear I am Blessed to know you!!Hugs from your Mom and Odie and Remi and Alecia