Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Hi special people out there! Just wanted to add a happy update! 

I took my Mom to Vancouver today! If she is  bi-polar, (as previously diagnosed), or just a GREAT day,,then so be it. I was with her all the way! Perhaps it was the new meds, increase in meds, decrease in meds, Mom was awesome today. This day will be remembered as a victory.

Fun trip and BRAVE. We took a new route, (scary..but what might be at that waterfront station..a monster..dont think so)  I could tell this was a new, glowing, surreal experience for Mom. She was happy, confident and in awe of the Waterfront Station! Mom was a scientist, an intelligent observer of history.  I felt serene at her side, proud.
We were lost as how to get home...but WOW...the building architecture was spellbinding! Mom was in her glory.

Waterfront station proved to be a confusing route to our 'expo line' home to surrey. I heard Mom ask some people in the elevator for directions. Calm. We wound our way through hallways and staircases that melted away the gleam and sparkle of the Canada Line with every step. Interesting, calm, sad.
We FINALLY found the expo line to King George, Surrey. Older trains, older platforms...the real world. Away from the modern glass and glitter of the new line just in time for the winter games and tourists. I loved all my pets!!!

Thank you Rosie for a trip I will never forget, because it was so clear in my mind. Very calm, deeply introspective, very real.

We are home, Donny is at Dad's. IT IS WINDY!!!!!!!!
We are together and warm.
It was a great day.
I am thankful, I am at peace.
I Love you Mom.


  1. Gotta love Surrey... I don't go to Vancouver much these days, cost too much in bus fare for one on my income. Glad your mom had a great day with you guys. It is always a good trip to go to when you haven't been there in awhile or when you need to go there for something, the anticipation and excitement... unless you are used to going there everyday, like I used to for work several years ago, as that was my world at one time. Nice to be home though...

  2. love to read these Leanne,, and Rosie you are so wonderful to make life so safe for your Mom,, we all love you for that!!you are so special and it lets Mom show how special she is too!!! big hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!