Monday, February 15, 2010


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Hi all you special people with the extra special miracle of having a service dog or..maybe you are thinking of dedicating your love and time to this most important and needed tool to help you with your disability.
It is not the answer to all your prayers, (just about!) You must learn everyday with your best friend what is right for you and what is right for them.  Listen to people that know! Take advice and be willing to refresh what you have learned.

YUP..she will tell me things I am doing wrong..because my dog is a Rough Collie. All our special friends have instincts, never forget your dog has instincts..they are dogs. and do not feel guilty for that..happens. SQUIRRELS HAPPEN!!
Sharon has reminded me that I need a refresher course..CANT WAIT!!

I will tell you I had a TOTAL PANIC ATTACK!!! I was gently,(as in we better be careful of this 'crazy' person, or get the strait jacket), escorted out of the clinic. People were scared of me! I was frightened of  myself at this time! I am shaking and all of my tears and emotions are in ABSOLUTE CHAOS,  IN PUBLIC!! Then reality changed. 
It took two days and a healing, informative, calming conversation with Sharon to help me see the light!  In all the panic I was not using my best friend, my medicine, my Rosie!!

With Rosie by my side I just assumed, (and we all know about that word), that people just knew what I needed. Just because she is THERE is not enough, I need to use my tool and learn how to help her help me.
Our service dogs, and us,  need to remember to work together when this disease rears its ugly head. We can not believe that everyone knows what we think, just because we have become so comfortable with our dogs.

I have learned this lately,,and have been SO CONSUMED with service dog rights and people that have abused these rights...GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I put myself in this perfect scenario for high anxiety and loss of control.

I, ( and so easily done), in all my rights had lost sight of my beloved Rosie and most importantly what she is there to help me do. She is there to help me cope, to look into my eyes, if only I ask her too. It is so easy to know that your miracle is right by your side, to save you from your enemies..(ya..gets like that sometimes!).
Rosie need commands, structure, rules..I had forgotten that.
Oh my beautiful Rosie, that everyone loves and asks about..(sometimes I just want to shop and get home, I am so tired.)
We all need refreshers and reminders, every day is different and some people will just want to push your buttons. These are the times we need to absorb our medicine. This medicine, used correctly, is our intelligent, loyal service dogs. I know the next time this happens, and it will, I will use my Rosie and feel her comforting love. Love ya Rosie girl!

You are very special, remember..
"Who I am Makes a Difference"