Friday, January 29, 2010


I am hoping that this blog will help you when anger is directed at you. Cruel anger, uneducated anger, anger that there is nothing you can do about. I have had Rosie for close to two years now and never have I experienced such anger. The last week left me crying, confused and at a loss how to cope with people who would not listen. I now know this will happen, and be prepared, I was not, probably never will be. I just hope my experience in hell for me, might help you.

Safe in my bubble of my neighborhood that knows Rosie and I, I was not ready for the abuse, (and that is a very appropriate word), that we experienced this week. It leaves me sad, tired and frustrated at the uneducated world we live in!

Most of all, after all the anti-anxiety medicines I had to take after this week, I am tired and emotionally exhausted. I wanted to so give back the hurt that these people gave me, all in a big wave of 'why did you hurt me so much?' I wanted to so hurt them back..they crushed my very soul. My soul and Rosie were happy with our world, how could they be so ignorant and mean?

So exhausting is this week of people telling me that I cannot enter there store, that Rosie is dirty, being put out on the street waiting for them to give me a contact number, and knowing that they will let me wait out there for hours before even acknowledging I exist. I was nothing to people this week, neither was Rosie. I was SO ready to call the police, but called my safety net, Sharon and Ryan. They drove all the way from Burnaby to South Surrey to help me. They are your support, never be afraid to call them. They are hugs and professional.

I experienced severe anxiety, depression and low self confidence. 'Invisibe Disability,' will explode when an abusive situation happens. What emerged was my anger, for my being, for my rights, for my service dog. When someone is yelling and abusing get scared, I did. Never did I forget my rights and called Sharon and Ryan. Even the people at my son's school were so concerned they went to talk to this person and came back very upset and concerned as to my rights and safety. Sadly, even this special person from my son's school came back frustrated and hurt.

Thank you are so close to my heart..(my son's school!) Thank you Sharon and Ryan, for your support when needed.

If you hurt me with your ignorance of the law to insult the only thing that has allowed me my independence and life.. I just lose my patience! I educate, I show my BC Government Guide Act certificate and stay calm. This I have done so many times and educated so many people, hundreds!

All this week people did not listen, did not want to see the law, pushed me away with a wave of there hand like I was nothing. My disability, my rights, my miracle Rosie, was dirt beneath their feet. They ignored me and would not be educated.

My rights as a human being, (as I have just become accustomed too thanks to Rosie),were shattered. Again I was the little girl, in trouble, being abused, afraid, losing my mind.
I am mentally ill, and can function in daily life with Rosie. Some things will put me over the edge, and it is not fair. It is my human right to walk into a store with Rosie and purchase something. When this was taken away..I was a little girl, and that made me sad.

I have been through enough. Rosie has given me life. Someone that is so ignorant as to not even listen to the law and abuse me is criminal. The fact that they feel it is their right to yell at me and order me out of the store is beyond me.
HUG your dog and leave!

It is VERY hard for me to write this as I am so angry and hurt and crying. My only wish is that the next disabled person that walks into this store will not feel as humiliated and crushed as I did.

Sharon and Ryan came to my son's school, (by the store) and by that time I had taken so many anti-anxiety meds, I was in control. Remembering the incident now, I am not. How dare some stupid person infringe on MY right as a human being and my beloved dog that I have been so dedicated to?? My service dog that I desperately need to even take my son to school?

My very wise friend Sharon told me that this week's incidents would affect me for a long time and at this time I am shedding a tear at her words. She is right. The cruelty and mostly the ignorance of people this week has shocked me into tears.
HUG your dog and leave!

I cannot stop being so angry now, or saddened, or stop writing.
My special people out there, when in trouble, call your support people, they will be there. Sharon and Ryan will figure it out, they make it right. All you really want is to make it right. I read that one of the most basic needs of a human being is to be heard.

For the next disabled person that walks in that store and is not abused, discriminated against, or make to feel so very small, I salute you!  I will advise and protect you with information and advocacy. I will tell you that Sharon and Ryan are the best people to call in this kind of discrimination.
If your soul is broken, as it always is with this disease, hugs and love your service dog. My Rosie got me through this,I am so proud of her and will forever with pride show her certification to anyone who so abusively asks for it or not.

This was a rare, ugly, long week of hell that I do not think will happen to you. If it does, stay strong, cry your tears about the injustice of this world. Talk and be comforted by Sharon and Ryan, they know, they understand.  The anger was hard to forget, but that is what our service dogs are there for, to show us the love and help us live our lives.

Above all, no matter how hard it seems, ( to me now too), know you count, you matter, your are special and worthy in this world.

"Who Your are Makes a Difference


  1. My dear Leanne ,, this blog made me just think how many ignorant people there are out there,, ignorant to many people including the older people,, being old is a bit like your disability,,we are not stupid just slower,, I am so glad you have your Rosie and Sharon and Ryan,,to help you through these times reading your blog helps me!! I just hug Odie!!!You MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a very sweet, careing, knowledgeable,and the best Mom I know!! love you,, shake this off and carry on with your dear Rosie and Donny and your family that love you!!!You have to carry on with your job that God has given you and only you can do it!!loves from your Mom!! Alecia Odie and Remi

  2. thank you so much Mom..I love you!

  3. I am soo proud of you!

  4. My dearest friend Leanne!!
    You handled that situation like the Leanne I know!!! It is the loss of those people for NOT letting you into their store! You could have, and would have showed your certificate proudly, and educated them on the needs of an assistance dog!!! Those kind of people are missing the best things in life!!! They are living in their, "Bubble", and I think I like yours better! You have come so far girl!!! I am proud to call you my friend, and I am proud of the mother you are, and the sister you are, the daughter you are, and of course the TRUE friend you are to me!! You are so loving and caring and inteligent and those people are ignorant!!! You have so much more to live for!!!!
    All my love,
    p.s. keep up the great work you and Rosie, and Donny!!!!! :):):)

  5. Dear Leanne and Rosie
    I read your Blog and it gives me courage to
    face the world, on scary days. The world out there is in the DARK about the needs of persons with Mental Health Issues. How many times I have heard that things are okay, just pull up your bootstraps and get on with it. So you don't talk about it because of the shame, like somehow you were less then everyone else, because you need help getting through life with the heavy burdens you must carry. Something you did not ask for, do not want, and you must fight, you must go out with you head up and say I am stronger than this illness. It's to hard even write about it because you're scarred, intimidated, you hide it. Like you think you can? The world is so hurtful, no caring about what they say or how it may hurt someones feelings. So you don't speak of it like it was evil or Something. So you never speak of all you have to endure every day, every hour, every moment. Then some rude, uneducated bully spits in your face and it crumbles all the hard earned courage you've worked so hard to create so you can get on with your life, with happiness and hope for the future! I am so very sorry you were treated so badly but just know Leanne and Rosie you are my hero's. Your out there taking a pie in the face so that some day I will have enough courage to speak out too, and not be afraid....... Thanks.
    I hope your wounds from this experience heal quickly and make you stronger..........Margaret

  6. ooohh now I'm mad too! The nerve! But, I'm so glad to know that you have such a great support team. I can only imagine how hurtful that was, very sorry to hear you had to go through this. Mean people suck!~ Thanks for sharing, keep educating everyone! And please give sweet little Rosie an extra big hug from me. And of course sending a virtual one for you too! Love you! J