Monday, January 4, 2010

Reflections In This New Year

Hi everyone!
Rosie and I are so happy to say hello and Happy New Year!
I am different now.  I shower! I have showered every day for the past week.  This is good, yes?  This did not happen before. Somewhere in the journey of life I stopped caring.  I care now, I matter!
This realization is really rather astonishing!  I did crazy things with my hair over the holidays. I styled it, curled it and attached blond braided extensions. I put makeup on!  My wonderful friend gave me new makeup as mine was so old it was scary!
I wore nice, dressy clothes! I washed them and wore them again!  Christmas day at my sister's was amazing!
Rosie and I came home and then WENT OUT AGAIN on Boxing Day.  I kept going, I kept LIVING.
Can you guess who was right by my side through the laundry, showers, hugs and joy of this holiday season?
You got that right, my Rosie.

I flirted!  Me!  Ha, ha, ha...too outrageous!  I HAD FUN.  I mingled, chatted, laughed, hugged and cried.
I loved my family and dearest friends because of the furry warm support from my special girl.  Honestly, the best Christmas I can ever remember.  My sister cried when it was all over.  I could understand her happy tears. This was a very special Christmas. I LIVED it, wow!

Rosie?  She had the time of her life! Her elite group of holiday pals included Trinity, (the legendary Jack Russel), and her dearest friend Kessa, (my sister's husky/wolf cross).  We attended exciting West Coast Assistance Teams events where Rosie visited Buddy and Delhi. She even met her sister, Party!  Today Rosie met 'Buddy', my best friend's  Moluccan Salmon Crested Cockatoo.  Amazing bird! Social girl my angel is!

Listen to me! Hugs, love, people, laughter, fun, joy, confidence, tears, family; these are real for me now.  I believe them.

Heartfelt and most loving thanks to West Coast Assistance Teams.  Sharon, Ryan, Michelle, Scott and Mel, you comfort me. Sharon and Ryan, your gift of Rosie, your love and dedication is thought of every day and held special in my soul. 
Joyous thanks to Sue Turner and all involved in the unforgettable evening at the Cottage Bistro Pub in Vancouver.  A night I cherish with pride.
Take a diagnosed bipolar, clinically depressed, anxiety ridden, agoraphobic individual, ( I believe there is a personality disorder in there too!) and put her on stage to speak.  She has the support of her angel Rosie. She feels warm with the understanding, trust and comfort of the most wonderful people she has ever met.
There is no breakdown, the world does not end. She feels empathy, confidence, acceptance, worthiness and love. When can I go on stage again?!!! Bring it on 2010! Rosie and I are ready!

Well, I am off to bed, going to shower in the morning, (what!?) and do some shopping.  People are so attracted to Rosie when we are out and about! She connects me to this wonderful new life. You know, the darkness does creep into my life but I have the light and loyalty of Rosie to brighten those days.  It is nice to like myself, to love Rosie and to live.
Hugs, woofs and the warmest of wishes for the new year! You count in this world, without you the world would be less special place.  Tell yourself a loving truth,

'Who I Am Makes A Difference'


  1. Happy new year to you both, Rosie and Leanne! We reposted your blog entry on the BC Coalition o
    People with Disabilities' twitter page, @BCCPD.

  2. Dear Rosie and Leanne,, happy New Year all year through,,reading these blog's makes my heart soft with the realization that life really is precious!!makes us stop and not take so much for granted,,love you and I am so proud to be your Mom!!!

  3. Thanks Leanne,
    You a fantantasicly brave woman.
    May courage be with you - on the other side from Rosie.

  4. loved it! love you! glad you're alive and doing soooo well! now give that pooch a cookie! lol!

  5. Greetings Leanne! Glad to meet you and your son and Rosie. I have read your blog a couple of times since I read your comment on my blog yesterday. So glad life is taking on a new meaning for you because of Rosie! It will only get better!