Thursday, January 14, 2010


Its getting better! Little by little, life begins again. I am not quite there yet, still sleeping and waking at all hours. This butterfly knows she will be breaking out of that dark cacoon, I know it, right Rosie? Woof! 

The fog is clearing, there is joy creeping in! Thank you Rosie for the fresh cleansing rain at the park. I breathe life with you every morning. You were absolutely halarious today! Just plain goofy! Rosie, you lift my spirits, you make me laugh. Rosie would like the next blog to be funny, and I will give her that wish. Thank you for being with me through this very rough ride. I hang on strongly because I know you are all out there, and of course...
for us all....
'Who I am Makes a Difference'

For the wonderful new teams of West Coast Assistance Teams and all of us who have had the pleasure of training, loving and just trying to get darn organized with our special dogs by our side, the next blog should be quite entertaining. I am going to laugh and Rosie hopes you smile and have a giggle too!
Hugs and Love Always
Leanne and Rosie


  1. Just a note that Rosie just reminded me of! If you would like to email me about information or just thoughts, I will listen with all my heart.

    My email is

    You make a difference, and I would love to hear from you! Hugs and Woofs
    Leanne and Rosie

  2. so wonderful that you can FEEL this comfort and support that Rosie provides,,and dear Rosie must feel so comfortable to have someone that loves her too,,give you both confience!!! love to read your blogs,,,loves from Mom and Odie

  3. Dear Leanne and Rosie
    How wonderful it is to hear from you and know there is other people like me out there! I read your blogs and feel like I know you both. You help make me not have to apologize for who I am. Soon I'll be getting a service dog of my own. I pick up this little doggy of promise around February 15Th 2010. I'm anxious, this is a big step. Your blog helps me understand all I really need to know is " Love your soul mate, your gift of courage, Love your service doggy with all your heart and you will succeed. Thanks for the encouragement..........Margaret