Thursday, May 20, 2010


This post is from me, Leanne, and not from Rosie, ( my son Donny and her are taking a well deserved rest)

I MUST tell you how Rosie has helped me with something new in my life, physical pain. This physical pain seems like it comes from another planet than the pain from my monsters of the mind.  Very different, very real and tactile. The tests at the hospital, the very REALITY of it all is, almost, to me, too easily communicated to the medical profession.
My only wish is that someday people like myself may be helped, so believed, so acknowledged, so tested and diagnosed without a doubt for our mental disorders that so affect our lives.  I cannot help but compare at this time in my life. My physical disease is cut and dry, maybe not to the doctors with their scans and varying degrees of prognosis, but to me there is no fight to get my pain across, they already know. I wish they knew what I have been trying to make them understand for all my life, the pain of my mind.

Rosie and I are beginning a new chapter of my life, one of physical pain, many tests and hospital visits. We are strong! Rosie was right by my side for some test at the nuclear medicine department at Surrey Memorial Hospital. The technicians and doctors LOVED her gentle way and behaved manner. She was welcomed with open arms and I am sure will be for future tests I am going to. What comfort and calmness with Rosie by my side! Rosie entered my mind and calmed it, this was just another new experience with Mom.  The entire nuclear medicine department petted her and showed us pictures of their dogs on their cell phones!! I previously worked in hospitals all my life, I can't help but think that Rosie and I are so at ease in hospitals that this disease will be something Rosie and I will face together, we can do it, together.
Rosie was right beside the gamma camera and all these radioactive tests with me..(it's ok, the radioactive stuff was inside me, no danger to Rosie or my son Donny.)

Rosie and I spent a most GLORIOUS weekend with my twin sister and her best friend, 'Kess', (my sister's husky wolf cross), to celebrate our 50th birthday! Rosie and I , (Rosie is near 56 herself!), have discovered that these ARE the best years of our life! There is a calming peace that comes with this birthday, a soul awakening, a pristine time in life. Rosie and I are soaking in every moment of it and every moment feels very, very special, yea 50!

Whatever life is going to present to us now, we are ready. I have had Rosie for close to 2 years now, we are connected, and become more so every day.  I do know that with her, whatever life throws at me, I can handle. Before I had Rosie, I could not. There was no hope, no tomorrow, no angel to lead me to the future. Do you see what an amazing change a service dog can make? I hope so.

I write this blog to my best friend, my loving shadow that is always there, my furry companion that knows me, my constant companion that gives me that look wherever I go, ' love you, you are everything to me', my angel, Rosie.
Rosie says this to me with every blow of the wind, and wants you to say it to yourself...
'Who I Am Makes A Difference'

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