Sunday, June 6, 2010


Thank you so much for all your wonderful pledges to West Coast Assistance Teams!

Unfortunately, my Mom, Donny and I were not able to attend because of Mom's recent health issues. Our hearts were there and we wish to thank Sharon and Ryan for all the wonderful pictures! They made Mom and I feel so included and important! (If you would like a close up of me or any of my furry friends, just click on the pic!)

Enjoy the pictures and video, Mom and I sure did! West Coast Assistance Teams, with your pledges raised $5,046.00!!! Thank you from all our puppy hearts for sharing so much love!

My buddies and I will make sure people are helped with our love and expertise! THAT is a promise. We will make life better and brighter for people in need.  

 Here is the West Coast gang at the run! Mom, Donny and I SO missed being there and are sad that we could not attend. We are EXTREMELY PROUD of West Coast,you, and all our friends for doing such a wonderful job. Look how happy everyone is! Thanks again to Sharon and Ryan for the wonderful pics, LOVE YOU GUYS!

Ryan has created a video on Youtube! Just go to Youtube and enter west coast rotary seawalk You cant help but feel good if you watch it! Great work Ryan! Mom couldn't help but sing along and smile! 

Donny would like to thank his awesome Dad, Grammie in Kelowna, his Grammie's friend Avis, his Auntie Ti Ti, Auntie Donna, Auntie Katheren, and his most special friends and teacher Val, from Traditional Learning Academy for their heartfelt pledges. Donny so appreciates your help and wants other 'Moms' to be helped like his Mom was. Woof! Donny you rock!
All of you who so lovingly pledged will help West Coast Assistance Teams train and place dogs like Ellie! Isn't she beautiful! She will be placed with someone who so needs her so that they may live their life with independence, freedom and confidence. You go Ellie girl!

I must go check on Mom, she wants to post soon on her recent health issues so you all know why we are spending alot of time at home lately. It has been a rough ride for Mom, with my help she is feeling better and we hope to be involved with our 'angels', West Coast Assistance Teams as soon as we can! 
Take Care everyone, smile at someone everyday, because...

'Who I am Makes a Difference'
Hugs and Woofs 
Leanne and Rosie

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  1. I love to see how many different breeds are being used as service dogs. I hope that this trend continues.
    Hope you are feeling better. I'll try to email you soon.
    -Mel and Paige