Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Being alone with Rosie, The Summer of Reflection and Healing...

Hi everyone!! Biggest WOOFS from Rosie!! It has been SO long since our last post, well here ya go!  Rosie is so happy and helping me so much! I have been quite ill lately and will be for all this summer,,blah!..but Rosie is with me...all will be good.  Just going to have to rest and take the summer to reflect and heal..
Watching my 'kid' makes me happy. My illness, with my thyroid is going to keep me home this summer.  I am going to enjoy EVERY second with Rosie.  EVERY SINGLE SECOND!! Every blade of summer grass, every laugh of a child that is off school for the summer, every bug that my kitty Leeta bobs around.
  I just about lost my Leeta.  He got hit by a car or something!  The SPCA people came to my door so I know that someone I know hurt him.  Who ever called the SPCA knew where i lived and made the call.  Leeta is ok now..I am see your beloved animal, swollen and in inentse pain is so hard.  My poor Leeta, he is ok now, thank god. Rosie would not eat Leeta's food on the floor or drink kitty's water when he was at his worst, Rosie knew!
And, Rosie knew his Mom was sick.
I could not be within 4 feet of anyone for a week due to a radiation treatment.  My biggest worry was Rosie!! She knew, she knows everything.  She kept a lead of at least 4 feet at out romps to the park.  I did not even have to tell her. My son attached her leash and then I took it about 4 ft away...she knew everything.... everything!!! Rosie is so smart, she knows me now..I know her, and I miss her SO MUCH!....
I had the most wonderful hug from my son, Rosie and Leeta.  This hug was the most magical and sparkling hug I had ever had.  I had waited for this hug and anticipated it for a week...a very, very, every, long isolated week.
  This hug was the warmest, most sparkling, most comforting pillow soft feather swooshing, warmest,
perfectly toasted marshmallow contentment, I have ever felt in my life. It's really good when you don't have it for awhile!!

My darln Rosie is with me every second.  I will not be doing anything this summer with my best friends, West Coast Assistance Teams.   I will be very sad about that.  I am crying right now about that.  And I am so sorry that I cant be involved.  I already feel my emotions and physical health on a downward spiral.  This is the way it must be, dam thyroid.  Stupid, stupid, stupid. dam disease.  Graves disease, in my research can cause mood swings.  HAHAHAHA..SORRY, BUT..have been battling that crap all my life.
  It strikes me so strange that I have a disease that affects my moods, and a disease that is treated with radiation that can take up to a year to totally destroy my thyroid.  My moods are going crazy, (as always), and the doctors believe me!! THE DOCTORS BELIEVE ME!!! wow! It only took a gland in my body that was way out of wack to make them listen..hmmmmm...whatever.
There is one being who believes me all the way, no matter what...morning, day, angel, my Rosie. My best friend, the one I can always count on, and oh my goodness is she waking me up in the morning!! There would be no morning without my Rosie girl, thank you darling, lets go to the park.
I cant go very far these days, Rosie does not care, the park is her paradise, and she makes it mine.
I love you Rosie girl


  1. You will pull through all of this Leanne!! One thing I can guarantee, is that though you may not be able to attend our events over the summer, you are never far from our hearts and thoughts. You have a family in West Coast Assistance Teams of which you and Rosie are a huge part. You may feel lonely this summer, but you will never be alone! We are with you, sending you our best wishes, and looking forward to seeing you guys, hopefully sooner than later! Take care!!!

  2. As always, Leanne, your blog is so full of heart. I'm touched by the loving connection you have with Rosie and how much she means to you. I know for myself, when my mind can't sit still and I'm having a hard time focusing, Vicki brings me down to earth and helps me to see what "really matters"......she helps me to let go of most of the crap we deal with on a daily basis. And when I feel like I am all alone with my problems and not able to trust.....I am certain of everything in my relationship with Vicki, because I know she is there for me. It really sounds like Rosie helps you also to be very mindfull of what is most important in life.
    Thank-you for sharing your thoughts and I wish you all the best. I look forward to seeing you soon.
    Sue and Vicki

  3. Dearest leanne... i so love how you put your words together.. they are absolutely heart warming and some sad also.. your illness and sadness brought tears to my eyes. remember my friend .."ONE DAY AT A TIME" we havent met in person yet.. although it feels i know you very well and i love you and your lil family already... One day we shall stand hand in hand.. maybe looking over the ocean watching the waves upon the sand... all my love Sue