Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter 2012 A New Beginning~

Love and Joy to my special friends and family :) Tranquil, healing hugs to Sharon, my friend whose endearing patience and support never fails to amaze me!  Idunn and I are enjoying life like never before and embracing the warm hugs of Spring.  We are on a new journey and trusting the gentle clarity of nature and earth. We are becoming aware of serene, beautiful places and celestial, sacred spaces. There is even more to explore and experience because of the confidence Idunn gives to me.

It has been extremely difficult for me to concentrate and write.  I have blocks where the words used to flow, a cherished gift can now bring me sorrow.  The same patient friend, who truly knows pain, wisely spoke,  "write only a little, the words will flow again." 

 You are all so worthy and unique in your personal journey........

 'Who you are makes a Difference'


  1. oh, Idunn...i told you not to forget the 'L' in Blessings! oh well, slip of the paw! :):):)

  2. :) i love spring! Haylie and I just finished our big move!! i hope everything is going as smoothly for you this spring at they are for us!

  3. Welcome back! The picture is lovely and so are the words. Even when we can't find the words to say when things are tough pictures of our lovely partners can lightened are hearts and bring smiles to our faces and others. This is beautiful Leanne. You haven't lost a thing, trust us. You've done a great job. And what a gorgeous looking dog! Keep Smiling, Sharon & Ryan