Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Spirit of Wabun April 2012

 'The time of Wabun is the time of healing of the mind. This is the place we seek if we need to find the truth of life and get rid of any lies that might be binding us to old places that keep us from new beginnings.' 

Wabun, the Golden Eagle has brought courage and clarity of seeing to Idunn and I.  It is never just me, but ALWAYS me and Idunn.  As it was with my angel, Rosie, miss you every day my pretty girl.  Life for me is only real when there is a service dog by my side.  When there was none, well, let's just not even go there.
Idunn gives me courage, to go where I want to go.  Her special gift is one of LAUGHTER!!  Idunn in all her prestine royalty can make me laugh like I have never laughed before!!  Idunn stretches her royal self only to look at me, sneeze and bow in a goofy way that only a Collie can, she is silly!!  I must go give her a hug right now as she is ROYALLY splotched on my couch but is looking at me with the most loving, deep set, welcoming eyes.  I love her so much!

  I also LOVE Aboriginal dancing, actually, ANYTHING Aboriginal! My life has taken a mysterious, spiritual, joyous turn lately and with this in mind and body, Idunn and I easily went to this event. No doubts, fears, or anything holding us back, hurry up bus!!! The sun was shining and any thought of mental illness was non existent, Idunn was prancing!

 The drumming people, and it was LOUD!! Idunn was as calm as ever, she was perfect.
I made sure to keep her safe from too much loud noise and in the shade, it was becoming very hot in the sun, the dancers ...danced for hours!!

I will post for you special friends, the photo's of this very spiritual and uplifting day, I will never forget it, ever.  My words are gone, and I am tired trying to think how to express them, so I leave you to enjoy the photo's and Idunn's never ending patience with life and wherever I take her.

I wish to write more, but I can't.  I am so trying to but pounding the keys instead with a vengeance that is not in tune with this glorious day.

Remember that you SO make a difference!!!  YOU really do! and i love you :):):):):)

 Much Love and Blessings,
Leanne and Idunn~~

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