Thursday, January 17, 2013


We are back! Idunn and I welcome you all and are happy to announce the return to our blog.  Fingers and paws are somewhat rusty, please hang in there with us until we are easily cruising along again.  Happy New Year to all, we have truly missed you! Idunn will be so happy to see your comments again!  She truly loves to tell you about her new journeys, and there will be so many to experience this year especially as we are set on traveling farther than we have ever dared before!  
 A beautiful sunrise this morning! Chilly and extremely refreshing! As I do not have a fenced in yard, I do wake up for potty call with Idunn, and these days, wake up fast! BRRRRRRR! 

It has been nine months since we last visited!! Wow! Nice to be back, sipping on a nice, hot cup of tea and relaying Idunn's excited hello's and bum wiggles!

For now special friends, this warm hello and promise to be visiting with stories of not only our adventures, but also West Coast Assistance Teams news. This year should be the best blog ever, I can't believe Rosie's blog, (my previous service dog and angel in heaven), started in August of 2009! How blessed I am to have found West Coast Assistance Teams and enjoy the independent life that Rosie and now Idunn allow me to have. Thanks from my heart for listening, I hope you follow our blog and can promise you laughter, tears, hugs and cheers! There is hardly a dull moment in the life of West Coast's teams, puppy raisers, family and friends! 

Wonderful to have you along with us, just like old times but better!! Older, and wise to realize that every day is an opportunity to learn something new, to push forward, to get back up and try again. You are important! Do not stress about the future, it hasn't happened yet! No guilt for the past, what is done is past in the now, tell yourself,  

 'Who I am Makes a Difference' 

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