Friday, April 23, 2010


Hi my very special friends and family! Rosie here..a little bit about my background.  My dad was 'Sneakers', No Collie could compare to my special Dad..he was a Champion beyond champions in this word and beyond.  Everyone misses him and always will, he holds a place in so many hearts, I am proud and sad that I will never see his royal presence again in my life.
  My mom had the pleasure of meeting him with me and we were humbled by my dad's royal and larger than life presence.  Like Mufasa in the Lion King, Simba, (my Rosie will make his Dad proud), and carry on the legacy of gentleness, loyalty and friendship that makes collies what they are...thank you for your eyes, your ever present warmth and love.  Thank you Cheryl for your poem..I see Rosies Dad, Sneakers in everything she does, she looks like him, she has his loyalty.she does!!! The Collie will love you like no other..thank you Cheryl for this heartfelt poem.. 

The Soul of a Collie
The soul itself professes to be
seen thru the eye of a true Collie.
The liquid pools of pure delight,
the mischief shining thru so bright.
The saucy ears that seem to talk,
the tail that wags, expecting a walk.
The paw that pats as if to say...
"Let's go out, it's a beautiful day!"
the glistening coat, the tiny feet
the Collie expression that looks so sweet.
A lifted brow, that queried glance,
the gentle follower, without askance.
Protector of children, watcher of sheep,
brave without question, alert while asleep.
Quick of wit, and wiser yet,
willing companion for show or pet.
This and more shall profess to be,
The heart and soul of a true Collie.

Cheryl Ellis, 1990


  1. poem from the heart heartfelt..rosie says the puppies!!! heart moving poem!

  2. Love the poem. So glad that Rosie helps you so much. Thought I would share some news with you. I'm going to be adopting Page, Rosie's litter mate, as my service dog (as long as there isn't any allergy issues which seems to be going good). She'll be the 3rd dog out of that litter that makes service dog status. Follow along at