Monday, April 19, 2010


I am so excited! Mom and I are going to walk the seawall in West Vancouver! I can hardly contain my paws!

Our first event with West Coast Assistance Teams this year will be so much fun and can make a world of difference to someone who needs a specially trained dog like me!  Mom and I will be doing the 5K walk with our beloved West Coast friends who change lives every day.  Check out the website, woof! to see what an exciting event this is!

All proceeds received from our pledges will go to West Coast Assistance Teams to train dogs to change lives! My Mom asked me to ask you to please help with a pledge for our walk! We want to give back to our West Coast Assistance Teams friends so that they can help people who truly need angels like me! Even a small amount can help a person out of the dark and give them the precious miracle of a service dog!  So many are in need and West Coast Assistance Teams gives of their heart and soul to help, they did for Mom and I. Mom is shedding a happy tear from her heart for the chance to be a part of this miracle. I shed a doggy tear too!

We need you to make a difference. You can contact Mom at or give her a call at 604-593-0514 with any questions.  I will wag my tail with every pledge and I know my tail will be wagging nonstop! Our pledge sheet is ready! All we need is you.

There will be pictures next blog of this event and I cannot wait to get walking to help disabled people have a whole world opened up to them with the assistance of a service dog! How far away this would have been for Mom if not for me. It would have been a dream to do the things she has done. Please pledge and make dreams happen.
"Who I am Makes a Difference"
Love Always,
Your furry friend,

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  1. can't wait to read all about it ,,just need to find the page to pledge,,,,,,,,,, hugs!!